The (re) project is accompanied by an educational programme for pupils aged 8 to 18, including transdisciplinary workshops on nature in the city and an exhibition kit for schools.

Duchamp in the garden" workshops in the classroom

The transdisciplinary Duchamp in the Garden workshops offer children and young people concrete ways to address the issues of ecology and nature in the city in dialogue with contemporary art. They are addressed in various forms to primary and secondary school students, from 8 to 18 years old, and are given by art and environment mediators.

In two or three separate sessions (of two 45-minute periods each), the participants combine artistic and scientific approaches to urban ecology and sustainability, and experiment with different forms of dialogue with nature. The starting points for each workshop are selected artworks from the (re) program. These instructions invite theoretical or practical interactions with nature in the city. The instructions of the Hong Kong artist Zheng Bo, for example, invite students to draw, while those of the Swiss artist Valérie Favre encourage them to imagine and perform a play for a snail and an insect.

From secondary school onwards, pupils are invited to create their own instructions. These new works can be displayed in the school after the workshop. At the end, each student can take home a poster of the artist who inspired their own work.

Exhibition kit in schools

An exhibition kit has been developed especially for use in schools with content suitable for all ages, to present more instructions and content related to urban nature.

Documentation for teachers

The workshops are complemented on request by a resource pack that provides additional resources for teachers for upcoming lessons. It contains, among other things

keys to interpreting the works

extracts from scientific texts

a selection of bibliography on the themes covered.

For detailed information, you can download the following documents and write to . We will be happy to set up this program with you.