• Give Trees a Name

Give Trees a Name

Adrien Missika

In his instruction, Adrien Missika invites us to baptize the trees in our street, garden or backyard. If the act of naming a baby, or even giving a nickname to a loved one, may seem obvious, the act of finding a name for a plant is quite unusual. However, "naming the other enables one to identify someone or something, and also to differentiate it while inscribing it in a group. It is a symbolic operation that links the singular to the collective: the baby that has just been born is socially registered, it is recognized by society [...] that will give it an identity" (Guerrero). Giving names to the plants that we frequently encounter on a daily basis seems in the same way to be a possibility to create a connection – a way to pay new attention to the other. By losing its anonymity, the tree becomes closer, almost a relative.