• Mit Birnen Apfel schreiben

Mit Birnen Apfel schreiben


As the artist himself explains: “You take a bag full of pears and place them in front of you so as to form the word APPLE. After a while you find yourself writing the word pear unconsciously. It also works the other way around, so you write Pears with Apples. This instruction, which can be literally carried out, is a game about language, a reflection on perception and shows the cognitive associations between signifier and signified. Even just reading the instruction, one quickly notices, associating one fruit instead of another, simply because of the chosen visual. Very early in the development of the (re)connecting.earth project Pfelder was invited to develop a prototype to discuss the feasibility of writing art instruction addressing the issue of the interaction with the urban ecosystem. In the line of a conceptual art based on language, he proposes here by the visual, a concept that can be declined, almost to infinity, with any other type of plants or objects.