Environmental Charta

The Biennial of Art and Urban Nature is committed to adopting a sustainable and environmentally-friendly approach to the organisation and staging of its events. In order to minimise our environmental impact, we have identified five key areas, and are committed to implementing them throughout the process:

  • Reducing waste: We aim to minimise the waste produced during exhibitions and events by favouring reusable materials and avoiding waste, and we encourage participants and visitors to adopt eco-responsible practices.
  • Reducing travel: We seek to reduce travel by inviting local artists and speakers alongside international artists, and by encouraging train travel, car-sharing, and public transport for participants and visitors.
  • Recycling of materials used for works: We encourage artists to use recycled or recovered materials in the creation of their works, and to consider sustainable alternatives to traditional materials.
  • Reuse of works in other contexts: We will explore opportunities to present works created during the Biennial in other contexts, in order to extend their life and reach.
  • Producing works that consume little electricity and grey energy: We will encourage artists to design works that consume little electricity and grey energy, favouring environmentally-friendly techniques and technologies.

Finally, at every stage of the process it is essential for us to ask ourselves about the possibility of doing things differently – always seeking to minimise our environmental impact, while maintaining the efficiency and quality of the event. We invite all participants, artists, and partners to join us in this commitment to a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly future.