Former and current partners and sponsors

Our sincere thanks go to all those who have supported us, whether financially, academically or in terms of production. Their contribution has been of paramount importance along the way, and we are infinitely grateful to them.

The (re) initiative is dedicated to supporting artistic practices and raising awareness of urban nature through the organisation of unique artistic experiences that highlight biodiversity, inform, surprise, and stimulate new perspectives on our relationship with the environment. Our aim is to position European cities within the cultural web by studying the distinctive geopolitical and sociological aspects that determine their evolution. (re) is part of the non-profit organisation art-werk.

We are fortunate to be supported by an ever-growing number of partners, including foundations, sponsors, and individuals with a similar vision: to use art to tackle environmental issues and stimulate sustainable urban development.

Our operational and financial structure is based on a model of cooperation between public and private entities, including host cities and regions, as well as local partner organisations. On a daily basis, we seek to establish lasting partnerships with those who are ready to commit to a joint undertaking to fulfil this stimulating mission, transforming certain views and habits through the art-science relationship.

Partners can interact with (re), engaging with our artists, participants, and audiences through a range of programmes and support. These include research into urban nature, the production of new artworks, on-site installations, support for performances, educational projects, publications, and other public programmes.

We have close links with a wide range of foundations. Their ongoing support and vision are essential to enable us to continue to develop exhibitions and an educational programme capable of reaching a wide international audience while maintaining an independent and objective position, in order to encourage a sustainable and increasingly visible presence within the evolving Swiss and European cultural space.

For more insights on available funding avenues, sponsorship prospects, and associated advantages, please reach out to Bernard Vienat, the Head of art-werk / (re), at bvienat [at]

Financial support

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