(re)connecting.earth is the first Biennial for Art and Urban Nature. Based in Geneva, it consists of a series of nomadic exhibitions and an educational program. At the heart of this initiative, artists create works that stimulate the senses of visitors, thereby fostering a deep reconnection with the Earth, urban nature, and biodiversity.

This project encourages a dialogue between art and science and promotes public participation. It relies on partnerships with research institutes, scientific and naturalist associations, schools, businesses, and passionate individuals, all eager to transform our relationship with nature.

Each edition of the Biennial highlights a specific aspect of urban nature, inviting committed artists engaged in environmental protection to create in situ works and interact with scientists, as well as local stakeholders. This process aims to create original experiences and enrich our perception and understanding of the living world around us.

The (re)connecting.earth Biennial is organized by the Geneva-based non-profit association art-werk, which works to promote art and raise awareness of nature in the city and biodiversity.