(re)connecting. earth

Biennial and Nomadic Exhibition

Raising awareness about nature through art

The Biennial of Art and Urban Nature (re)connecting.earth, initiated in 2021 in Geneva, aims to reconnect human beings with their natural environment through art. The Biennial aims to highlight the vital importance of biodiversity in the evolution of cities and the maintenance of a quality of life in line with climate objectives. Art acts as a catalyst for reflection and discussion.

A Biennial in Geneva on the move: promoting an inter-city dialogue

In addition to a central edition in Geneva (2023 and 2021) every two years, (re)connecting.earth adopts a nomadic approach in the intervening years, enabling extended and broader reflection on the topics addressed. The Kiel Nomadic edition (2024), as well as those in Dessau (2022) and Berlin (2021), help to diversify perspectives and involve a wider public in the conversation, enabling inter-city dialogue and the creation of a community aware of art's potential to transform our interactions with the environment.

Art as a vector of interest and attention to Urban Nature

Artists participating in (re)connecting.earth create works that challenge and expand our perception of ecosystems, engaging visitors on a sensory and emotional level. Each edition of the Biennial explores a specific theme, inviting artists, scientists and local stakeholders to collaborate, enriching the dialogue between art, science and nature.