Digesting Geometry

Julian Charrière

The instructions designed by Julian Charrière echo an early work that Charrière made in 2013. For the photography series "Digesting Geometry", the artist created a series of interventions with pigeons in public spaces in Berlin, London and Paris. By placing sunflower seeds on the ground in different geometric shapes, he attracts the pigeons and leads them into an organic choreography. As they circle and peck at the seeds, they create geometric figures that are made and unmade each time the birds are disturbed or return to eat. The pigeon, once domesticated and used as a messenger, seems to have lost its function and is seen as an out-of-control pest that occupies the urban landscape.

With his performance, Charrière tames the birds to bring them back to structured and ordered patterns, taking them out of their apparent chaos by reintroducing them into the geometry of our lives. For (re)connecting.earth, Charrière offers the public the opportunity to reproduce this experience and in turn to rub shoulders with these birds.

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  • Digesting Geometry

    Julian Charrière, Digesting Geometry, artist's instruction, 2021