Bianca Kennedy & The Swan Collective

With their instruction akin to science fiction, Bianca Kennedy & the Swan Collective invite to a journey into another time or parallel reality. They set out nine “easy” steps that are reminiscent of an instruction for a “Do It Yourself” face mask. Instead of aiming for a silky smooth baby skin, however, the execution of this very special instruction would lead to a half-vegetal, half-human hybridization. Instead of continuing to emit CO2, the interpreter of the instruction would become capable of producing oxygen.

At a time when many post-humanist theories imagine humans becoming cyborgs—a hybrid between human and machine, the hybridization of the human with the plant is quite rare in the various common narratives. What kind of evolution will humanity undergo? Will our genes, in the long history of evolution, migrate to the plant or other types of animal forms? While waiting for answers or opening other questions, scanning the QR-Code allows you to open an augmented reality on your phone and move the hybrid creature present on the image in the immediate environment.


    Bianca Kennedy and The Swan Collective, HOW TO BECOME A HYBRID, artist's instruction, 2021