The Imperative of Extremity

Luzie Meyer

The instruction titled "The Imperative of Extremity" mirrors the artist’s language-based artistic practice. Written in the first person singular, it explores the relationship between text and bodily experience of space, the telling of a personal story in an urban setting, and an exploration of the form of instructions themselves. Meyer’s text emphasizes the way in which language participates in the creation of an experience, questioning it and transforming it.

Here the artist plays with words, the link between the reader’s body, the walker, the body of text and the footnotes. In order to challenge the implied authority of writing instructions, Meyer chose to add an autobiographical narrative to her text. By sharing a personal experience, she puts herself on the same level as the reader and thereby emphasizes that, in terms of her connection to the urban ecosystem or other species, she too is in the midst of a search and faces the impossibility of giving instructions.

  • The Imperative of Extremity

    Luzie Meyer, The Imperative of Extremity, artist's instruction, 2021