Educational exhibition opening at the Vigne-Rouge school

Opening on November 30, between 5:30 pm and 7 pm.

▶ École de Vigne-Rouge de Carouge.

It's often said that art can raise lasting awareness of environmental issues... but how does it work?

From May 2023, the educational exhibitions have been set up for a few weeks in the participating schools. The exhibition kit includes a selection of 6 instructional artworks accompanied by contributions from scientists and interactive content tailored to young audiences (games, stories, film, etc.). The exhibition is completed by the pupils’ creations, as the workshops progress in the classrooms.

The "Duchamp in the Garden" workshops program employs a creative and artistic approach, allowing students to explore and engage with artworks by Swiss and international artists such as Adrien Missika, Zheng Bo, and Caroline Bachmann. Subsequently, they compose their own "instructions" for reconnecting with nature.

Subsequent to the Sécheron School and Vollandes School, the Vigne-Rouge School in Carouge, Geneva, played host to animators from the art-werk association and (re) during October and November, introducing a fresh perspective on perceiving urban nature.

At the ongoing educational exhibition at the Vigne-Rouge School, visitors are welcomed to discover the pupils' artworks, the instructions of the artists mentioned above, and also the ones of Valérie Favre, Antje Majewski, and the duo Andreas Greiner / Takafum Tsukamoto. All this is complemented by the work of the illustrator Alessandra Respini, which conveys the scientific content.

While the exhibition is primarily organized for children and parents, if you're curious about the concept, feel free to contact us to register for the opening.

Educational exhibition opening at the Vigne-Rouge school