A House for Plants

Andreas Greiner

In a joint instruction created with the architect Takafumi Tsukamoto, Andreas Greiner makes us aware of the air we breathe and its origin. Indirectly pointing to the mechanism of photosynthesis, he highlights the (co)dependence between man and plants and invites the viewer in a literal way to build a house for a tree.

The duo has therefore prepared an instruction that can be accessed by scanning the QR-code on the poster. On the linked instruction manual, lines drawn on the sheet indicate, following the traditional origami technique, how to build a paper pot to shelter a seed. The artists invite the participants, after burying the construction in the ground, to let the extremities of the folding emerge. The visible part of the origami as well as its precious plant then become a living sculpture. By considering man also as a living sculpture, Greiner and Tsukamoto aim to bring man and plant closer together.

Download the Origami Pot Manual

  • A House for Plants

    Andreas Greiner and Takafumi Tsukamoto, A House for Plants, artist's instruction, 2021