Green Collection

Simone Zaugg

Simone Zaugg illustrates with both letters and images a process aimed at creating a collection of green-colored vegetation. She invites the viewer to take a picture and to order the resulting collection according to their degree of green intensity, or via any other system, leaving it up to the interpreter of the instruction to find his or her own classification system. This call to categorize, to define a taxonomy, recalls the modes of classification used in the natural sciences, as well as the principle of collecting art objects.

Zaugg’s instruction also plays on the way we view urban nature. She invites us not only to pay attention to these beings, whose chlorophyll allows us to appreciate their different shades of green, but also, through the camera, to transform our perception of these living beings. Thus, the artist offers in a practical way a multitude of possibilities to explore the ideas of the natural and cultural.

  • Green Collection

    Simone Zaugg, Green Collection, artist's instruction, 2021