Mapping a Garden for Vital Reenchantment

Two images are displayed with cryptic colored signs and text displayed as captions. Instead of referring concretely to the dark digital landscape, the signs are paired with poetic instructions inviting the reader to explore their imagination with keys to map, as the title of the instruction states, a vital garden of re-enchantment—to draw or mentally represent speculative and utopian geography leading to new forms of wonder and connection with the environment.

The second image below the panorama created by de Miguel is a detail of a monument in Berlin’s Hasenheide Park by sculptor Katharina Szelinski-Singer. This work was erected in 1955 in memory of the “Trümmerfrauen” (women of the ruins), who after the Second World War cleared the rubble from the city.

  • Mapping a Garden for Vital Reenchantment

    Regina de Miguel