Caroline Bachmann

With a poster drawn in vector format, Caroline Bachmann proposes, in two steps, to look at a tree or a plant and then, by closing the eyes, to imagine its roots. With her instruction, Bachmann shows the power of the image by managing to give clear instructions without text. With simple signs and motifs, recognizable despite potential language barriers, the artist manages to incite an action that is quite unusual: the mental representation of invisible elements. Fundamental parts of our environment, the roots, sometimes as long as the trees and plants themselves, often remain a mystery; hidden under the earth.

The meditative action suggested by Bachmann allows us to imagine a foreign world, yet right under our feet. Nourishment for the imagination, mentalization offers a rapprochement with the plant based on a recognition of a form of cohabitation. We then become aware that, in addition to the roots, a whole constellation of invisible beings and materials are just a few centimeters away from us.

  • Racines

    Caroline Bachmann, Racines, artist's instruction, 2021